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The 1ST INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF CONSTRUCTION AND DEMOLITION WASTE RECYCLING (C&D WASTE), through its Scientific Committee, has established the following rules for submitting conference papers.

Papers shall be submitted exclusively through the ONLINE FORM available under the Communications section of the Congress's website.

The ONLINE FORM with the following sections must be completed:

• Title

• Subject matter

• Authors

• Summary sent

• Maximum 3 keywords

• Length of paper: maximum 4 pages

• Text formatted according to template. In Word, Times New Roman 12, double-spaced

• Text in Spanish or English

• Images: jpeg or tiff files (indicating their location in the text)


All presentations shall be done in PowerPoint, with one projector and one screen. Personal computers may not be used. If nontraditional fonts are used, they must be embedded in the presentation. If videos are included, they must also be embedded.

Each presentation shall be no more than 12 minutes and contain no more than 10 slides + title slide + last slide


For both papers and oral presentations, at least one of the authors must be registered at the Congress and be the presenter. Likewise, each lead author may only present one paper.

Submission of a paper implies authorising the organisation to include it in the Congress publication and on the website


Deadline for submitting papers: August 15, 2019

Online Form


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