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On behalf of the Organising Committee, I have the pleasure of welcoming you to the 1st INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF CONSTRUCTION AND DEMOLITION WASTE RECYCLING (C&D WASTE) organised by the Spanish recycling industry and coordinated by the RCD Asociación (Spanish CDW Recycling Association) and the journal, Demoliciones y Reciclaje (Demolitions and Recycling) which is being held in Madrid on 30 and 31 October 2019 with the slogan "For a Sustainable Circular Economy in Construction.”

Given the large volume produced, its impact on the environment and the ease of recycling, today, CDW is one of the EU's five priority sectors for a circular economy in which the construction industry and the players affected, are steering their designs towards more sustainable and environmentally respectful models.

The purpose of the Congress is to disseminate knowledge internationally about proper CDW management and the efficient and viable use of recycled materials, sharing the most relevant experiences and current tools, both legal — for monitoring its management — and legislative — regulating its use and applications for recycled aggregates.

The circular economy for CDW requires a paradigm shift, from ecodesign in projects, dismantling, selection at the source and recycling, to the use of aggregates and recycled materials, which should lead to new challenges and opportunities in the coming years.

In this regard, the construction industry is undoubtedly evolving towards sustainable criteria, with particular respect for and commitment to the environment. As a result, proper management of CDW directly contributes, not only to preventing it from being deposited in disposal sites or landfills, but also, through its recovery and recycling, to savings in relation to the extraction of natural resources.

The arrival of new laws and the revision of Spanish Royal Decree 105/2008 based on the new circular economy concepts of European Directives, are creating more favourable prospects for the recycling industry which must position itself vis-à-vis all the players involved in its life cycle so that it may fulfil the recovery objectives established.

The Congress is for all players in the construction industry — managers, developers, builders, demolition workers, carriers, employees of the Public Authorities and construction industry workers, as well as for promoters of recycling initiatives in other countries — primarily Latin American countries — who will learn about the experiences of European Union countries and the impetus necessary for implementation.

The two-day congress will include both national and international speakers, an analysis of the circular economy, discussions on the most controversial industry issues and the news regarding recycled aggregates, their application, machinery, legislation, regulations, projects, etc. will be addressed.

The conference will also have an exhibition area which will offer attendees a look at the most relevant technological developments in the industry and allow attendees to exchange views with other experts and professionals regarding the most relevant aspects of our business.

Hope to see you in Madrid.

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